weiter-bilden GbR takes over the former “Nachhilfeschule Bremer” in Barmen

Rainer & Manuel Fischer

August 2023 — Just in time for the start of the new school year, the wei­ter-bil­den GbR hea­ded by Manu­el and Rai­nier Fischer con­ti­nues to expand.

After con­s­truc­ti­ve dis­cus­sions, it is clear that the fami­ly busi­ness can open ano­ther loca­ti­on in Wup­per­tal. The tuto­ring school Bre­mer, Fischer­tal 17, which has been known in Bar­men for seve­ral deca­des, will now be ope­ra­ted by the Fischers under the new name:
“Lern­stu­dio Bar­men by wei­ter-bil­den” reopened.

“Sin­ce we sup­port many stu­dents from Bar­men, we have play­ed  with the idea of estab­li­shing a per­ma­nent loca­ti­on in Bar­men for a long time,” explains Manu­el Fischer, one of the two mana­ging direc­tors of wei­ter-bil­den GbR. “The fact that we quick­ly came to an agree­ment with the for­mer Bre­mer pri­va­te tuto­ring school, both about the new and fri­end­ly trai­ning rooms and about the tea­cher base and its stu­dents, is a real stro­ke of luck for us,” Rai­ner Fischer is plea­sed to say.

Wei­ter-bil­den is now repre­sen­ted in three dis­tricts in Wup­per­tal, whe­re they can offer their tuto­ring ser­vices locally.

  • Lern­stu­dio Elber­feld  Wall 1
  • Lern­stu­dio Ronsdorf Mohr­henns­feld 14
  • Lern­stu­dio Bar­men    Fischer­tal 17

Indi­vi­du­al sup­port is par­ti­cu­lar­ly important to the Fischers. “We pick up stu­dents whe­re they are and help them achie­ve their per­so­nal goals. That’s our job,” con­cludes Manu­el Fischer.

In addi­ti­on to nor­mal les­sons in small groups (maxi­mum 3 peo­p­le) at the three loca­ti­ons, the Fischers also offer online les­sons and, under cer­tain con­di­ti­ons, indi­vi­du­al tuto­ring direct­ly at the student’s home.

In the future, father and son would also like to offer cour­ses in adult edu­ca­ti­on. Becau­se — and the two know this — the demand in this seg­ment is also great.